Terms of use

Terms of use of the ERA Conference Centre
Date: April 2014

Unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement, the following terms of usage apply to the tenant.


We accept no liability for any damage/theft in the cloakroom and to personal belongings.

Term time 

The period of usage stated in the contact apply. Please note that we reserve the right, to charge extra for the deployment of staff where meetings

hours, stated in the contract and/or for the purposes of setting up and dismantling the conference room. (50€ per person per hour on workdays / 120€ per person per hour at the weekend).

Use of underground parking

Paid parking is subject to availability in our garage. Tickets can be purchased for the price of 9€ per day vehicle. These allow for the entry and exit within the booked period of time. Unfortunately, we cannot make any parking reservations.

Parking in the underground garage is done at the owner’s own risk. The landlord is not liable for any damage done to the parked vehicle, unless the damage occurs due to a reason attributable to the landlord.

Please read carefully and take note of the terms and conditions of usage as well as the entry price list for the underground parking garage.


The driving onto the courtyard of ERA/ECC/the hotel of cars or trucks is strictly forbidden, outside dismantling days.

Deliveries should take place above the underground parking garage under building B. Deliveries are only possible upon agreement with the front desk.

On assembly and dismantling days the suppliers are allowed drive through the courtyard and to the main entrance of building B in order to load and unload packages. Otherwise the driving on the courtyard is only permitted in exceptional circumstances which have been previously agreed upon. Vans may not be permanently parked there. In the event of the permanent parking of vehicle on the courtyard, the owner will be fined the amount of €15 per day for each parked vehicle.


Two cleanings (before the beginning of the first and second day) and a final cleaning (after the event) are included in the TOTAL booking price. Toilets are cleaned on the day of use, twice a day.

Energy costs

If there is excessive energy consumption, we reserve the right to charge for any additional costs. (this especially applies to the use of cold storage spaces, high voltage current, music and lightning systems.)

Fire safety 

For fire safety reasons, please note that the allocated escape routes must be cleared of any tripping hazards. For this reason, the foyer of building A is not to permitted to be used as a sale or exhibition area during a trade fair.

Features of the rooms

The equipping of rooms for decorative purposes is allowed. However, only suspension from the ceiling is possible for artwork, as the walls are not plastered and could therefore be damaged if they were used to display works. It is not permitted to move or remove the plant pots that have been set up throughout the premises without prior consultation with us. Tables (but not tablecloths) and chairs are provided in all rooms.

WiFi and Internet

WiFi is available in both buildings. We do not provide services for personal configuration and technical support.
A custom internet connection and the associated technician hours are chargeable.


It is at the direction of the landlord to sell drinks and snacks at specific time during an event at the bistro area.

If the tenant hires his own caterer, he is solely responsible for coordination and organisation of catering. However, we request that in case of queries, the contact details of the external caterer be passed on to us, and we except a catering plan by way of diagram at least I week before the beginning of the event. Deliveries and storage must be agreed with ECC. If the kitchen is also hired, shelf space and a cold storage unit as well as a bar area including a beer top are available to the external caterer. The uses of the dishwasher and coffee machine, as well as of the fridge unit in the bar, are not included in the rental price. The external caterer must clear the kitchen of leftover food and of any shards. Work surface must be wiped down with a dump cloth and the floor must be swept. The removal of leftover food and of other waste will be invoiced. The tenant will be held liable for any damage to the premises.

Please observe the following notice:

The avoid confusion with the events of ERA, all kinds of advertisements with the name of ERA and European Law is prohibited. In publications (invitations, conference programs, customer mailings, etc.), please use only the phrases “ECC” or “ERA Conference Centre”.

Regular opening times:

Mon-Thurs 8:00 – 18:00

Fri 08: 00 – 17:00

(Opening hours are different in the summer holidays as well as the time in between Christmas and New Year)