Convincing technology

technikWithout modern technology, most events are only half as successful. You can see here the technology you can expect in the ECC.


Our conference rooms are flooded with light,
which are supplemented by intelligent lighting control.
The Intrabus (EIB) connects all sensors and actuators to each other.
All lamps can communicate with each other, this is a decentralised system to control illumination.
We are therefore able to illuminate our rooms in different ways. zu beleuchten.


Both buildings have digital mixing consoles (Yamaha LS 9) with highly developed functions with outstanding sound quality. All hand held and clip-on microphones are routed via a mixing console.
Ancillary accessories such as Blue Ray/DVE/CD or UBS stick are available and can be created on different storage media. The high quality 4 Acoustic loudspeaker system completes the sound technology system.
In addition we have a public-address system.


Streaming the event (HD/SD) with inhouse or external streaming network.
Recording the event on video
Videoconference (HD/SD)


W-Lan configuration as the customer requires
Telephone conference

Both buildings have a number of stations to record your event which can be supplemented by hand-held or clip-on microphones.
Digital crossbars and mixing desks
Interpreting and discussion Brähler equipment
Schwanenhals condensers, Stuiod and Lavalier microcphones

The main conference room (Ausonius) and the Helena and Gratianus conference rooms in Building A have Brähler interpreting equipment. Up to five languages can be interpreted simultaneously. If single rooms are used, in Helena three languages and in Gratianus two languages can be interpreted.
(The sound-protection panel can be easily slid aside.)
The conference rooms 1 and 2 in Building B are equipped with the latest Brähler technology. The cordless telephone stations mean that a large variety of set-ups are possible. For both buildings, approximately 300 receivers are available. 

Audiovisuelle Medien
Concealed ceiling screens (3,5 x 5 m bzw. 4 x6 m)
A Mobile Screen(3 x 4 m)
Flat Control Screens 46 or 50 inch
Sanyo Beamer 4,500 /7,500/15,000 Ansi Lumen
If required, speaker’s desk with touch screen
The speakers on the top table have the option of following the event via large monitoring screens. 

Both ECC buildings as well as the glass walkway are equipped with cordless Internet access. We provide Wi-Fi for individual use free of charge. In addition, there is an option the Wireless LAN exclusively for an event for a specified number of delegates

Mobiliar und Ausstattung

The ECC has a total of 16 adjustable stage sections which enable a podium to be created for up to 10 speakers. For presentations there are speakers’ desks, some of which have pre-installed screens.

Fittings available for events:

• Tables (70x140cm)
• Round high tables (ø 80cm), some of which can be height-adjusted
• Round tables (ø 140 cm and ø 180 cm),
• Bistro tables
• Flipcharts
• Pin boards

Printservices der Hauseigenen Druckerei
If required you can have your documents, flyers, brochures and signs produced by our in-house printers. All standard sizes for print-outs and copies can be produced either in colour or in black and white.